Design, Construction And Start-Up of CLEANROOMS and associated controlled environments

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BT Cleanroom Engineering® is a brand by BART Sp. z o.o.


Concept and Design.
Installation, Commissioning, and Regulation.
Qualification, Validation, and Measurements.


HVAC Installations. Precise Ventilation.
Technological Exhaust and Central Vacuuming.
Hygienic Enclosures. Peripheral Installations.


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We Install Clean Air in Cleanroom Zones

Within BT Cleanroom Engineering, we implement solutions that allow for maintaining a high degree of air purity, absolute sterility of microclimate in production and research premises. We meet the high requirements of the chemical, biotechnological, high-tech, scientific research, laboratory, food, and pharmaceutical industries, especially in the drug production sector. We offer solutions for constructing rooms with heightened hygiene and sterility requirements – clean rooms.

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We ensure safety through cleanroom technology

Collaborating with us means working with experienced specialists in the field of cleanroom technology, precise ventilation, clean vacuuming, and workstation filter ventilation. It involves selecting the right technologies and equipment to ensure sterility, workplace safety, and the protection of life and health.

CleanAIR Services: Comprehensive Investment Support"

Solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, electronic, and laboratory industries.

CleanROOM Design
and Engineering

We have design offices located in four key regions of Poland: Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, and Sosnowiec. Our experienced team of engineers will develop a tailor-made solution, select the appropriate technology and equipment...

CleanROOM Installation, Commissioning
and Regulation

After designing and finalizing the concept, we offer comprehensive cleanroom installation services. We verify the correctness during commissioning, allowing for precise adjustment of air parameters, regulation of inlets, outlets, and pressure cascades between rooms...

CleanROOMValidation, Testing,
and Measurements

We offer our Clients highly esteemed engineering services, conducting measurements of air parameters in cleanrooms, performing IQ, OQ, and PQ qualifications, and conducting comprehensive validation work...

CleanROOMConsulting, Training,
and Servicing

After successfully completing the validation work, we proceed with providing training for personnel on the operation and maintenance of installed equipment and systems. We also offer conducting regular maintenance inspections. We service installed systems and equipment....

Cleanrooms - Comprehensive Solutions: tailored approach to the design, construction, and installation process

We comprehensively prepare cleanroom zones, starting from the concept, architectural design, through detailed execution projects, selection of equipment, systems and technologies, all the way to implementation, startup, and DQ, IQ, and OQ validation – covering design, installation, and operational aspects.


Precision ventilation, technological exhaust, and vacuuming, hygienic clean room enclosure

For many years, we have specialized in industrial installations related to filtered ventilation of laboratories and preparation of premises with elevated air purity requirements, clean rooms. We eliminate health-damaging vapors, dust, define closed zones with a pressure cascade, prevent contamination by transferring dust between adjacent rooms. This is accomplished through precise ventilation and air conditioning installations, technological dust extraction and central vacuum cleaners, horizontal and vertical cladding systems.

CleanROOM Technologies and Solutions

Solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological, electronic, and laboratory industries.

CleanROOM Precise Ventilation and HVACR Installations

Precise air conditioning installations intended for laboratories, clean areas, and rooms with elevated hygiene requirements enable precise regulation of air parameters, regulation of inflows, exhausts, and pressure cascades between individual rooms. The air is heated, cooled, directed in the right directions, according to assumptions.

CleanROOM Technological Exhausts

Technological exhausts help eliminate harmful dust created on the production line, in food or pharmaceutical production. Extracts lead collected material to filtration devices that effectively eliminate the danger of dust mixing between production rooms. This prevents contamination by the transfer of dust to adjacent rooms, where separate processes are carried out.

CleanROOM Central Vacuum Systems

We handle high-pressure extraction processes, dust and cleaning at workstations, and dust transport. We have key central vacuum systems designed, as well as a range of mobile vacuum cleaners. Our offer includes mobile industrial vacuum cleaners for non-explosive dust vacuuming, as well as vacuum cleaners in EX version.

CleanROOM Hygienic Enclosures

We also offer comprehensive implementation in the scope of horizontal and vertical enclosure systems for clean rooms. These include complete system components of wall enclosures, ceilings, door, and window joinery, lighting dedicated for clean rooms in ISO3 to ISO8 class according to PN EN 14644-1 standard observed in pharmaceutical, electronic, food areas, or the dermocosmetics production segment.

CleanROOM Peripheral Installations

The main ventilation and precise air conditioning installations, ensuring constant rigorous parameters in selected rooms, are accompanied by peripheral installations. These include automation systems, sanitary installations: water-sewage, fire protection, heating, process heat, heat pumps, as well as teletechnical installations, access control installations, smoke extraction, and medical gas installations - liquid nitrogen, vacuum, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

Recent CleanROOM Projects

Check our references, realized installations for clean, sterile cleanroom zones.

  • Clean rooms in the production of radiopharmaceuticals,
  • Precision ventilation installation for stem cell bank,
  • Exhaust of explosive gases and vapors in a facility with high hygiene requirements
    cleanroom in RTV production
  • Clean rooms for the production of optical films for LCD monitors
  • A complex of clean rooms for the producer of plastic products for the electronic industry

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W ramach targów PCI Days firma BART wraz z marką BT Cleanroom Engineering zaprezentuje swoje doświadczenia w modernizacjach i tworzeniu nowych przestrzeni produkcyjnych klasy Cleanroom. „Energia czystego powietrza” to temat naszego wystąpienia w strefie inspiracji branży farmaceutycznej. Chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej – zapraszamy. Spotkanie wyznaczone w warszawskim EXPO XXI na godzinę 12:50 w środę, 21 czerwca!

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BT CLEANROOM Engineering®

BT CLEANROOM Engineering® is a registered trademark owned by BART Sp. z o.o.

Bart Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive project implementation in the "design and build" formula, executes industrial installations in the field of dedusting, ventilation, vacuuming, pneumatic transport, precision air conditioning, and cleanroom facilities.

A registered trademark owned by
BART Sp. z o.o.


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